Taking Advantage of Free Online Classes
by Reese
The thing that I’ve been hearing most from my friends after they got out of college is that not being in school makes them feel dumb. I kind of understand the feeling. I’m not nerdy enough to constantly want to be in school, but I have to admit that the novelty of being on vacation wears off pretty quickly for me (around the two week mark). By this point, I’ve rotted my brain with television and Netflix, online manga, youtube, and bad literature and my brain feels like mush. Then I start wishing for the classes that just weeks ago I was swearing I’d kill myself over. So I get the whole “my brain feels dumb thing.”
What I don’t get is how people don’t do anything to change this. With all the technological advances in education – which range from phone apps to websites – not being enrolled in an actual school isn’t an excuse anymore.
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